Donald Kerry Frey Believes That Information is Key

There are many reasons why Donald Kerry Frey established information sites Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune ( with different goals. They were both created out of concern for the way information is disseminated, but they reach different audiences. The purpose of Frey Robotics is to out people more at ease by informing them about the current state of technology. It does so in a way that should make them less fearful of tech, which is important given that robotic are our future, since they make difficult tasks easier and more efficient and profitable over the long haul.

Likewise, Donald Kerry Frey’s purpose for establishing The Nova Tribune was to fill what he felt was an enormous hole in the online news space. He has always been passionate about information, but he feels that most online news is slanted to either one side or another. Therefore, his goal was to create a site that presented the news in a way that represented all side of every issue. Donald Kerry Frey isn’t just interested in consuming as much news and information as possible, he wants everyone to have an opportunity to consume information in a way that makes them more knowledgeable about the world around them.