Donald Kerry Frey Believes That Information is Key

There are many reasons why Donald Kerry Frey established information sites Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune ( with different goals. They were both created out of concern for the way information is disseminated, but they reach different audiences. The purpose of Frey Robotics is to out people more at ease by informing them about the current state of technology. It does so in a way that should make them less fearful of tech, which is important given that robotic are our future, since they make difficult tasks easier and more efficient and profitable over the long haul.

Likewise, Donald Kerry Frey’s purpose for establishing The Nova Tribune was to fill what he felt was an enormous hole in the online news space. He has always been passionate about information, but he feels that most online news is slanted to either one side or another. Therefore, his goal was to create a site that presented the news in a way that represented all side of every issue. Donald Kerry Frey isn’t just interested in consuming as much news and information as possible, he wants everyone to have an opportunity to consume information in a way that makes them more knowledgeable about the world around them.

The Nova Tribune Founder – Donald Kerry Frey

Have you ever read an article and felt that the author was pushing a specific agenda? Donald Kerry Frey is the founder of The Nova Tribune ( and The Nova Tribune was founded in order to give readers options when it came to receiving information in regards to current issues. Often times, information that is given to the public is skewed and Donald Kerry Frey wanted to provide an alternative. The Nova Tribune is a source for articles that are written from both sides of current arguments which allows readers to make their own informed opinions without skewed information being given. Now you have a way to receive the news and make your own choices.

Donald Kerry Frey, Entrepreneur

Donald Kerry Frey has always been passionate about information and how it can be used to make people smarter and more informed. Over many years, he has always tried to better understand the process of consuming information and teaching people how to use that information in a way that makes the world around him better.

That is one reason why Donald Kerry Frey, who is a tech entrepreneur, is the founder and owner of both Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune ( Both websites hope to provide the public with information about technology that is fuller and more useful than ever before.

Donald founded Frey Robotics based on the idea that you can inform people about the current state of technology and perhaps spark in them something that makes them more likely to accept the future, in which robotics is a fact of life. Armed with a better source of information, automation and robotics can move forward and help to make relatively simple tasks more efficient and effective in the long run.

The reason Donald Kerry Frey created the news site Nova Tribune was because he wanted to present the news in a way that approaches all issues with an even hand. It seemed to him that every news site approached the news from either one side or the other and he wanted to present the news from the perspective of both sides of any argument. The Nova Tribune seeks to provide an alternative to news consumers, one that informs them through articles that reflect multiple fields and interests.

Donald Kerry Frey has a very strong background as a tech entrepreneur and that background has given him the knowledge and the resources to make successes of both Frey Robotics and The Nova Tribune and he hopes to keep informing people with these two sites for many years to come.

Frey Robotics: Robotics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence

When one thinks of Frey Robotics, they should really focus on three main attributes: Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence. The combination of these three things: robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence are tech entrepreneur and current owner of Frey Robotics (, Donald Kerry Frey’s, passion. He continually seeks to create synergy both in existing and developing technologies in these three fields and to find solutions that can seamlessly integrate all three into everyday life.

Donald Kerry Frey has always been passionate about technology. Even as a younger man, he always knew that he would want to establish systems and technologies that made life better, not just hypothetical or business experiences, but real life, everyday experiences better. Over the years, he has made incredible efforts to integrate technology into the home and workplace and this is the foundation for the developing of Frey Robotics. He started the company in order to first seek integration in robotics. He sincerely believes that robotics are the best way to move forward in technology and the more development we can do to progress the robotic world, the more progress we can make towards our future.

Another focus of Donald Kerry Frey is his interest and passion to research and develop processes in the automation field. Automation can take tasks that might be mundane and time consuming and transform them to be completed efficiently and effectively. He more specifically wanted to integrate the relationship between home and office with automation. By utilizing automation, real world tasks could be improved. Both of these combined with artificial intelligence made Frey Robotics a company that is paving the way for the future.