Donald Kerry Frey’s Efforts to Enhance Access to Information

Donald Kerry Frey, a tech entrepreneur, is deeply committed to the idea that information plays a crucial role in people’s lives. He firmly believes that individuals should have access to the highest quality information and know how to utilize it effectively for the betterment of the world. His dedication to improving information dissemination and media quality has driven him to establish two noteworthy information websites: Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune (

Frey recognizes the paramount importance of information in the contemporary world, especially in light of the significant role technology plays. He envisions a society where everyone, not just in the United States but across the globe, can access the finest quality information and leverage it to contribute to a better world. Furthermore, he believes that the right information about technology can stimulate innovation and progress. A comprehensive understanding of technology can also help alleviate the anxieties associated with emerging fields like robotics, which undoubtedly shape the future. Frey Robotics, one of his ventures, aims to provide information that eases minds and dispels apprehensions related to the unknown.

In addition to his work with Frey Robotics, Donald Kerry Frey has established the news platform Nova Tribune. His motivation for this endeavor stems from a desire to promote greater balance in news reporting. Recognizing the prevailing imbalance in many news outlets, he set out to create an alternative source of news that presents all sides of every argument with impartiality. He envisions Nova Tribune as a platform for news consumers seeking a more balanced and comprehensive perspective.

Frey firmly believes that information empowers individuals, and through Nova Tribune, he aims to put that power into the hands of the people. His dedication to enhancing access to information is rooted in the belief that better information can lead to a better world.